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Custom Wordpress Themes
Everything you need to know about Custom Wordpress Themes

What is a Custom Wordpress Theme?

A custom wordpress theme is a theme that has a custom design and is developed specifically for your business needs.

There are thousands of free and premium wordpress themes available, however , a custom Wordpress theme helps your business and brand stand out!

The benefit of a custom theme is that you are not restricted by the constraints of a free or premium wp theme. You have the freedom to customise your website and add the functionality that your business/ brand may require.

When to use a Custom Wordpress Theme seller?

Everyone would prefer a custom WP theme if they can afford it, however, a custom theme is not best when you are testing ideas or need a small catalogue website. There are free and premium themes that will do the job perfectly.

If you are needing a custom design or custom functionality, this is when you should be using a custom Wordpress theme. A custom WP theme will be able to achieve any design, premium wordpress themes are only scratching the surface in our opinion.

Key benefits of a Custom Wordpress Themeseller?

  1. A custom wordpress theme will help your brand stand out and beat your competitors

  2. Theme is more customisable and easier to add new functionality and maintain.

  3. The Custom WP Theme comes with more support and training

  4. The Wordpress Theme has better security

  5. No feature overload which often slows the performance of a Premium WP Theme or a Free WP Theme

  6. No feature overload which often slows the performance of a Premium Wordpress Theme or a Free Wordpress Theme

  7. The use of plugins are limited and most functions are built in so that the performance of the website is not hindered by plugin overload

  8. On Page SEO factors are normally better and correct schema can be used for things specific to your business

  9. Clients find it easier to navigate and update the content on the backend.

  10. Maintenance prices are often cheaper because there are less unforeseen issues

How can we help you!

We are always here to advise and identify the features and functionality that you Custom Wordpress Theme may require.

If you need our professional team to design and develop your Custom WP Theme please use the button below, please give us as much detail of the functionality that you require!

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