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Digital Campaigns that generate leads

Rees Dynamic is an inbound marketing agency that will help you grow through lead generation. 

A full-service inbound marketing agency. We help businesses around the world drive more traffic, convert more leads and close more customers.

Over the years we have seen the transition of SEO and Online Marketing into Digital Marktering which includes a full spectrum of digital requirements to generate actionable leads. Our techniques have survived numerous Google Algorythim updates! 

We beleive that Ranking number 1 does not lead to actionable leads if your website does not provide what the user is looking for. We focus on providing the correct information that the user is looking for and collecting actionable leads from users in the different sections of the buying cycle. 

How do we start a successful inbound marketing camapign. 

  1. The initial stage of developing a strategy is heavily focused on research, so that we have an informed understanding of client needs
  2. The culmination of the discovery phase brings us to the first audit-the first real deliverable that we present to the client. It's at this point that we take all of our insights from the "Discovery" phase and use them to put together a coherent and actionable audit plan based on a plethora of different analyses so we know which areas to pinpoint more analyses on
  3. Once the audit has been complete, we move on to the web strategy phase. At this point, we focus on taking the insights found in the audit and turning them into actionable recommendations that integrate into various creative and design elements. During the strategy phase, we create a conversion funnel that will reflect the buyer journey and how the consumer will likely go through the decision-making process. At the top is the awareness phase, where a user is not sure of their problem or if they need a solution. In the middle of the funnel are users who know what they need and are actively researching who has the right solution for them. Finally, at the bottom of the funnel are users that know what they want and which company they want, and simply need to be presented with a clearly defined direct path to conversion. If content aimed towards one area of the funnel is placed incorrectly it may prove to be useless. 
  4. Implement the strategy. 
  5. Optimise the website which includes many factors such a page load speed, On-page SEO factors, CTA (Calls to Action), correct use of Schema. Optimise social media accounts and ensure branding is inline with the company brand. 
  6. Start leveraging leading collected via the website and mailing lists generated by signups on the website. 



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